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Introducing FLO Home electric vehicle charging stations.

Plug in and charge any electric or hybrid car at home.


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You’re always ready to go with FLO electric vehicle (EV) home charging stations. Plug your EV into your home charger every night. Be fully charged and ready to go in the morning. 

FLO Home Level 2 charging stations are compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Did you know?

A Level 2 charging station charges 4 to 5 times faster than a Level 1 station*.

* Comes standard with all fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars.

Always secure, always on

Charging electric vehicles at home has never been this easy. Rely on built-in security features that protect your home and EV from power surges and downtime.

Because your FLO Home unit is connected to Canada’s most reliable EV charging network, we monitor your charging station 24/7 to keep it running optimally*.

*X5 model only

Did you know?

Between 60 and 80% of EV charging is done at home.

Designed for a Canadian climate

Created in Canada, FLO Home is designed to thrive in the harshest weather conditions. Our home EV charging station charges perfectly at temperatures as low as -40 °C and as high as 50 °C. And the charger’s heavy-duty cable stays flexible even in the deepest cold.

FLO Home is built using top-quality components designed to last more than 10 years.

Easy to install, indoors or outdoors

Any licensed electrical contractor can quickly and easily install your FLO Home electric vehicle charging station.

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Connected for your convenience

Login to our online portal to track your data usage and access the smart features, like Charging Schedule. Experience real-time progress of your charging session on the FLO app*. 

* X5 model only    

Charge anywhere in the FLO charging ecosystem

FLO Home is part of the FLO charging ecosystem, powering you wherever you go. Manage your charging at home, at work and on the go via a single, convenient account*.

*X5 model only    


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FLO Home X5

Extremely sturdy and made in Canada, the FLO Home X5 residential charging station lets you track usage data and manage your settings from your private FLO account. 



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FLO Home G5

FLO Home G5 offers the same reliability and quality as the X5 model, without network connectivity.

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FLO Home X5
Level 2 charging station
FLO Home G5
Level 2 charging station
3-year warranty
CSA certified
NEMA 4X aluminum casing
Ultra-flexible 25-foot cable
Settings management online or using the mobile app
Remote monitoring and real-time support
Access to user data
Automatic software updates
Power sharing (2nd terminal on the same 40A circuit breaker)
Charging schedule
Suggested retail price $1,295.00 $995.00

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FLO for condos and apartments

FLO develops custom home charging solutions for multi-unit buildings.

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