Get charging services in your multi residential complex.

With FLO’s charging services that can extend all the way to the parking area of your complex, charging at home is now possible.


Charge at home with the best network.

We believe that an easy and efficient charging experience, wherever you are, is the key to building EV driver satisfaction. Charge your EV with FLO while at home and enjoy the same quality of service and support as offered on our public network (for when you're on the go!).

A few points to consider.

Bear the following in mind when talking about EV charging with your building owner or manager.

A-Z service.

At FLO, we take end-to-end care of our charging services so that the experience is easy for everyone. We support multi-dwelling properties by installing our own charging stations and providing the highest quality of service to all parties involved.

Have a question or problem while charging at home? Our 24/7 technical support ensures the property owner/manager doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

Look for experience.

Multiple stakeholders, including the property management and other owners, need to be engaged in the discussion. Some may already be EV drivers, ready to jump on board. Others who are not may be a tougher sell.

FLO has multiple stakeholder know-how. Our multi residential charging offer will make for an easy decision for everyone around the table. We guarantee it!

Think scalability.

You may be the only EV driver where you live right now, but the rapid growth every year in the number of EVs on the road suggests that there will soon be a lot more! Help your property management plan ahead by choosing a charging solution that is easily scalable as the number of EVs that require charging grows.

At FLO, we offer charging services that can scale up both quickly and cost efficiently.

Next step?

Start the conversation with property management and other owners about EV charging services, and then get in touch with FLO. We are here to answer any and all questions, and make the whole process easy for everyone.

Make the first move and we will do the rest!


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