Charging at home over a full year

Compare the annual energy consumption of residential charging if you travel an average of 20,000 km per year (approx. 100 km per day) with your electric car.


Compare the annual consumption of your electric vehicle

Hot water 3,358 kWh

(consumption of 40 gallons/day*)

Electric vehicle 3,600 kWh

(charge of 100 km per day, 200 days a year*)

Air conditioner 3,888 kWh

(18,000 BTU air conditioner, ERR 10, 24 hrs a day, 90 days per year*)

In-ground pool pump 4,680 kWh

(24 hrs, 150 days a year, 1.5 hp model, 1300 W*)

Heating for hot tub 7,167 kWh

(Used for 30 min. a day, temperature during use set to 40 °C, covered with an insulated cover R12*)

*Data from Hydro-Québec

FLO Home™ G5

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FLO Home™ X5

Built with the same quality components as the G5, the connected X5 station puts the power of managing your charging and usage data in your hands.




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