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If you’re contemplating offering EV charging services, there are some business challenges along the way.

Is it scalable? Future-proof? What is the cost? FLO is here to ensure that you are fully informed and that the path toward offering EV charging services is obstacle free.

We guarantee peace-of-mind by guiding you through the maze of questions to determine what makes the most sense for your business.

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Provide EV charging services to your customers.

Are you a retail property manager, a developer, or an owner considering offering EV charging services to your customers?

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Provide EV charging services to your employees.

Are you an owner of a small or medium sized organization, an executive in a larger organization, or perhaps a representative of your company’s sustainable initiatives program, and wish to offer charging services to your employees?

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Provide EV charging services to your residents.

Are you a member of a strata council or board, or a project developer of a multi-dwelling complex, and wish to offer charging services to your residents?

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Operate your EV fleet with glitch-free charging services.

Your EV fleet operation is at the heart of your business – which is why you cannot make any compromise on your charging infrastructure. Put simply, charging is mission critical.

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Offer your citizenry access to EV charging services safely and securely.

Your city wants to offers its citizens the ability to recharge their EVs on a public network… in a reliable, structured manner.

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You are an EV driver interested in benefiting from the charging services offered by Canada's most reliable charging network - whether on the go, at home or at work?

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