With the most reliable charging network coast-to-coast, FLO leads the way by providing charging services and peace of mind to businesses of all types.

Eastern Office
Quebec City

2800, Louis Lumière Street, suite 100
Quebec (Quebec), Canada G1P 0A4
Phone: 1-855-543-8356
Email: info@flo.ca
Media inquiries: medias@flo.ca

Regional Office

7420, Airport Road West, suite 106
Mississauga (Ontario), Canada L4T 4E5
Phone: 1-888-943-8356
Email: info@flo.ca
Media inquiries: medias@flo.ca

About FLO

With FLO, EV drivers and those wishing to provide charging services to EV drivers are assured of having access to Canada’s most reliable charging network.

Beyond that, FLO is dedicated to facilitating the adoption of EVs, and ensuring that the needs of both EV drivers and charging service providers are met. 

And who makes this happen? Behind FLO is a team engaged in the noble objective of making widespread EV adoption a reality. Our belief is that making this a reality depends upon ensuring that the EV charging experience is consistently exceptional, simple and fluid – 24/7, whenever and wherever our public may be.

We lead the way….but it’s a bit lonely without you. Join us, and together we will shape the future of automotive transport: effortless, reliable, and electric!

The backstory of FLO.

FLO’s origins can be traced back to the incorporation of AddEnergie in 2009. Dedicated to supporting the growth of EVs in Canada, in 2011 AddEnergie created its own charging network, VERnetwork, implemented mainly in Quebec and British Columbia.

Having established VERnetwork as Canada’s leading EV charging network...

AddEnergie set its sights on bringing its leadership and expertise to the challenge of EV charging everywhere, including the workplace.

A different approach was needed.

One that emphasized the ease and fluidity of the experience of charging everywhere - wheter on the go, at home, or at work. And so we are proud to introduce FLO, whose reach is global.

Meet FLO