Offering access to EV charging safely and securely.

Your city wants to offers its citizens the ability to recharge their EVs on a public network… in a reliable, structured manner. FLO is here to help make it happen.

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We can be everywhere your citizens need us to be.

FLO’s network can extend throughout the near and far reaches of your municipality, ensuring that your citizens have access to EV charging wherever they may go.

Why choose FLO to charge your municipality?

Determining which EV charging service is the best fit for your municipality is not a decision to be taken lightly. To help you out, here are a few points to bear in mind. 

Safety first.

A public network offers EV drivers the convenience of charging away from home, but must have the public’s safety in mind. FLO understands this.

Already present in many municipalities as part of Canada’s largest public charging network, our curbside stations are designed to enable EV drivers to recharge safely. Cables never touch the ground, ensuring safe passage for pedestrians and, in winter, snowplows. 

Tough enough.

An EV public charging network in the frozen north can’t afford to….freeze. Developed by a team that skated before they walked, our charging stations have been designed to withstand the extremes of northern weather, not to mention vandalism as well.

All feature a 100% aluminum enclosure and are certified to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +50°C.

Flexible and scalable.

As you reflect upon investing in making your municipality EV-ready, you may be preoccupied with whether the solution selected can be efficiently scaled up as citizenry demand grows.

At FLO, our services are designed to service any type of location while enabling low-cost installations that can easily be scaled up as demand grows. Moreover, they are designed to connect easily to the electrical grid and are adaptable to any type of metering. 

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Looking for a turnkey package that would allow you to provide electric vehicle charging in your building while minimizing capital expenditures? We have a solution.

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At FLO we provide flexible plans and turnkey charging services that will work for your municipality.

We take care of operations end-to-end to provide you peace of mind.

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