Provide EV charging to your employees.

Are you an owner of a small or medium sized organization, an executive in a larger one, or a representative of your company’s sustainable initiatives program, and wish to offer charging services to your employees?

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FLO's network can extend all the way to your employee parking area.

Offering EV charging services at work positions you as a leader, and employees love that.

On top of conveying a positive image and helping you to attain your corporate sustainability goals, offering charging services at work will help you attract and retain employees who drive EVs. And for those thinking of going electric, it might just be the extra push they need to convince them to make the leap!

A few points to consider.

There are a number of points to bear in mind when deciding upon an EV charging provider for your employees. Here are just a few.

A-Z service.

At FLO, we take end-to-end care of our charging services so that the experience is easy for everyone.

So whether it is your employee in need of assistance while charging their car at your business’s premises, or you as a business manager looking for a turnkey solution that provides complete peace of mind, FLO is there for you, every step of the way. 

Scalable EV charging.

While you want to provide current EV drivers with charging services now, you are unsure about how to forecast future need. FLO’s charging services are designed to easily grow along with demand.

We provide charging services with short lead-times and manage the scalability of the infrastructure for future demand while containing growth costs to a minimum.

Minimal impact.

FLO understands your concern: while it is nice to offer charging services at work, you don’t want it to have a significant impact upon your energy consumption, especially during peak demand periods.

This is why FLO exclusively offers smart charging services where you can have complete control over the volume of electricity you are providing at any time.

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Looking for a turnkey package that would allow you to provide electric vehicle charging in your building while minimizing capital expenditures? We have a solution.

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We provide flexible plans and turnkey charging solutions that will please your employees who are currently driving or thinking about buying an electric vehicle.

We take care of operations end-to-end to provide you, the employer, peace of mind.

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