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A few points to consider.

There are many benefits to offering your customers EV charging services on-premises. Here’s just a few.

It’s good business.

A recent survey of EV drivers found that the large majority (83%) regularly spend money at associated or nearby amenities (ex. restaurants, coffee shops) when re-charging on a public network charger – and that 1-in-4 (25%) do so every time they use a public charger.

By offering EV charging services, you stand to capture that spend and grow your business revenue.  

Show green leadership.

Consumers show an increasing appetite for and loyalty toward brands that are “green”. Having gone electric, EV drivers are by definition leaders in this regard. By offering EV charging to your customers, you are not only helping to achieve your own sustainability goals, you are also expressing your leadership as a “green” business.

EV drivers will take notice and frequent your business(es) – count on it. 

Increase value to tenants.

If you are a property manager, offering charging services on-premises represents an important benefit to prospective tenants - not only today but increasingly over the long term.

As more and more drivers go electric, increasing numbers of customers will be motivated to shop at places where they know they can re-charge their vehicle - and you don’t need us to tell you that more customers means more business.

Attract premium customers by offering EV charging services.

With our charging services, you will be best positioned to attract EV drivers early on as increasing numbers enter the category (10X growth over the last 5 years alone, with projections calling for sustained growth in years to come).

Capitalize sooner than later on these premium customers.

< Projected Canadian electric vehicle market share. Source: Electrifying Vehicles: Insights from the Canadian Plug-in Electric Vehicle Study, Simon Fraser University, 2015

Standard charging vs. fast charging?

FLO likes both. Really. In the end it comes down to needs: yours and those of your customers. To make the investment worthwhile, there are a few things to consider.

Standard charge

Best context:

  • My consumers spend more than 30 minutes in my business.
  • Examples of businesses offering standard charging services:
    • Restaurants, cinemas, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores

Best reasons to offer standard charging services:

  • I want to increase traffic by attracting EV drivers.
  • I want them to choose my business instead of the competition.

Fast charge

Best context:

  • I am located on an important transit corridor that links multiple points.
  • Examples of businesses offering fast charging services:
    • Rest areas, municipalities, coffee shops, restaurants, convenience stores

Best reason to offer fast charging services:

I want to capture EV drivers that need a quick re-charge before getting back on the road.

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