EV charging solutions for commercial real estate

Provide your tenants with modern, value-added amenities.

Upgrade your property’ amenities with electric vehicle charging stations, and attract prominent tenants looking for high-end, sustainable environments to make their business thrive. Whether your portfolio includes office buildings, retail properties or a mix of both, our charging solutions will suit your needs.


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Benefits of providing charging stations as a property manager

Attract high-profile and
innovative companies

Provide value-added amenities to your tenants and their guests

Position your building as modern and sustainable

Future-proof your building to stay ahead of the curve

Smart features, smart choice

Improve your property’s amenities without being burdened by capital and operating expenses.

Our charging solutions are designed to make optimum use of the existing electrical infrastructure, avoiding the need for expensive upgrades and keeping installation costs to a minimum. Plus, they allow you to easily add more stations as the demand for charging keeps growing.

Full control over the service

Site managers have full control over usage policies like pricing, billing methods and access rights. Office buildings can restrict charging station access to specific users, while retail properties can offer public charging in exchange for a small fee to attract customers and generate revenue with each session.

Simply log in to our online portal to configure those settings in just a few clicks, and obtain detailed data reports to track usage and electricity consumption. 

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Premium amenities, hassle-free

FLO is the leading Canadian smart charging solution provider, with thousands of charging stations operating throughout the country. Public stations will be seen by over 80% of Canadian EV drivers on our interactive map and mobile app.

We make sure your tenants and their guests benefit from a superior charging experience, providing a 24/7 bilingual support line and real time monitoring of your charging stations from our national operation centre to guarantee reliability.

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Made in Canada, built for Canada

Our charging stations are proudly manufactured in Canada—and designed for our tough climate. Our products are certified for both indoor and outdoor installation, as they have been tested in the harshest weather conditions and the coldest temperatures.


“Having electric vehicle charging stations as an amenity for our clients in the building was an easy “Yes! We need to do this.” … The FLO network is definitely a value add for our building. We’ve already seen people who have told us that it was about time that we got these stations and that the FLO solution is very professional. The whole online piece just elevates the experience.”

Michael Manuel
General Manager, RBC Centre and Simcoe Place (Cadillac Fairview)

Recommended charging stations for commercial properties


Versatile Level 2 charging station ideal
for parking areas of any size

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Rugged Level 2 charging station with
securely locked connector

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Universal fast charger designed
for the harshest environments 

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Standard or fast charging?

Unsure what type of charging stations is best suited for your needs? Let us guide you.

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Ready to offer EV charging?

Contact us today. Our experts will recommend the best suited solution for your property.

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All-inclusive plans for commercial properties

Looking for a complete solution that would allow you to provide electric vehicle charging services while minimizing capital expenditures? We have just what you’re looking for.

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