EV charging solutions for multi-unit residential buildings

Increase your property’s value with future-proof amenities.

Provide an essential service to EV-driving residents by offering charging services in your apartment or condo building’s parking lot. Be ready to comply with emerging government regulations and accommodate growing demand for EV charging in residential areas.


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Benefits of providing charging stations in multi-unit residential buildings

Increase the value
of your property

Modernize and future-proof
your building

Attract eco-conscious
buyers and tenants

Complement other sustainable
building practices

Reliability and convenience for your residents 

Home is where EV drivers do most of their charging, so they need a reliable solution that won’t let them down. With FLO, your residents benefit from the best service in Canada, as their charging stations are integrated with our country-wide network and monitored in real time.

Your residents will conveniently connect to the building's charging stations with the same membership card or mobile app they use to access FLO’s public network, and benefit from a 24/7 bilingual support line in case they need help.

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Keeping costs to a minimum

Our solutions offer exclusive energy management features designed to make optimum use of the existing electrical infrastructure—allowing scalability and avoiding the need for expensive upgrades—and limit peak demand surcharges.  

From a secure online portal, grant access rights to drivers, set pricing policies and configure energy management settings in just a few clicks, and track charging station usage and electricity consumption with instant access to detailed data reports.

Customizable solutions for every situation

Whatever the configuration of your building’s parking area is, our flexible solutions will fit your needs. 

Common parking areas

Offer shared charging stations to residents and their visitors—free of charge or for a user fee—in your building’s common parking area.

Parking areas with assigned spaces

Allow residents to have a dedicated charging station assigned at their parking space by subscribing to a FLO charging plan

Made in Canada, built for Canada

Our charging stations are proudly manufactured in Canada—and designed for our tough climate. Our products are certified for both indoor and outdoor installation, as they have been tested in the harshest weather conditions and the coldest temperatures.

Planning charging station integration in multi-unit residential buildings

Installing charging stations in multi-unit buildings can be a complex process involving many stakeholders.

Here are a few things to consider depending on your role.

Property developers

Plan charging station installation when designing building plans to facilitate integration. FLO will provide you with tools and technical expertise to support you in the process. We can even help you install a dedicated infrastructure that will allow future residents to have their own charging station at their assigned parking space.

Condo boards and strata councils

Requests to install charging stations in condo dwellings must be approved by the strata council and other co-owners. Once an agreement is reached, FLO can provide you with a custom solution that will meet the requirements of your residents.

Property managers and landlords

If you own or manage an apartment building, consider installing charging stations in the building’s parking area as a shared amenity for tenants. FLO can provide you with a flexible and affordable solution to minimize capital expenses and energy costs.  

Let our experts guide you. We will provide you with a custom solution for your building.



“We believe it’s important that our clients have the possibility of charging their electric vehicle, as they will become commonplace over the next few years. In a project such as Woodfield-Sillery, with its 63 housing units, electrical supply is very important and the issue of EV charging was crucial. FLO was able to solve our problem and provide 30 charging stations that have no negative impact on the building.”

Éric Bilodeau
Bilodeau Immobilier, developer of Woodfield-Sillery condominiums in Quebec City

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Recommended charging stations for multi-unit residential buildings


Versatile Level 2 charging station ideal
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All-inclusive plans for multi-unit residential buildings

Looking for a complete solution that would allow you to provide electric vehicle charging services while minimizing capital expenditures? We have just what you’re looking for.

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