A new fast charging station at CF Champlain in New Brunswick

FLO is pleased to announce the commissioning of a new electric vehicle charging site at the CF Champlain in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

This is the fifth charging site inaugurated this year in partnership with Cadillac Fairview.

Located close to Highway 15, this site will be a choice pit stop for electric vehicle drivers passing through Moncton. And while their vehicle is charging, drivers can take advantage of the many stores, restaurants and services offered at New Brunswick’s largest shopping centre.

The centre features one fast charging station and two Level 2 charging stations, located next to the No.o8 entrance.

EV drivers must be FLO network members to use the charging stations. The stations will also be fully accessible to members of the eCharge Network, New Brunswick’s public charging network. Users will be able to start a session and pay for their charging experience through their membership card or the eCharge Network mobile app.

Similarly, FLO members will have access to eCharge Network’s 10 fast charging and numerous Level 2 charging stations across the province. 

Four additional sites have been commissioned recently at Cadillac Fairview shopping centres in Quebec. By spring 2018, a total of 15 centres owned by the company will be equipped with charging stations.

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