First of 25 new FLO fast chargers now in service at Canadian Tire Gas+ in Milton

FLO is going live with the first of its 25 Canadian Tire Gas+ EV charging stations scheduled to open this year in Ontario. The commissioning of the Milton, Ontario location is part of a partnership with Canadian Tire announced in December that will see FLO fast chargers deployed across key transit corridors across Southern Ontario. The project is made possible by the financial support of Natural Resources Canada and Nissan Canada.

The Canadian Tire Gas+ site in Milton is equipped with a fast charger and two Level 2 charging stations. Fast chargers provide most EVs with a full charge in 20 to 30 minutes, while Level 2 charging stations provide a range of up to 50 km after 90 minutes of charging. Level 2 charging stations are compatible with all models of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and fast chargers are compatible with vehicles equipped with CHAdeMO or SAE Combo charging ports.

A free FLO membership enables EV drivers to activate the charging stations with either a FLO card or the FLO mobile app (available for iOS or Android), as well as access more than 3,000 other chargers in the extensive FLO network across Canada. The FLO app also allows drivers to monitor their charging session while they grab a snack or do their shopping. Members must transfer funds to their FLO account online or mobile app to pay for charging sessions. Charging rates are $20 per hour on the fast charger and $1.50 per hour on Level 2 charging stations.

A full list of additional Southern Ontario sites will be announced in the coming months. All sites are expected to be operational in early 2018.