FLO and Electric Circuit team up to charge electric vehicles at VIA Rail stations in Quebec and Ontario

There’s great news for electric vehicle drivers who frequently commute by train: Canada’s largest charging networks, FLO and Electric Circuit, have joined forces to make charging stations available to travellers and visitors in several VIA Rail stations in Quebec and Ontario. 

Charging stations in Ontario will carry the FLO logo, while stations in Quebec will be linked to Electric Circuit. Because FLO and Electric Circuit are fully interoperable, all stations will be accessible to members of both networks.

Charging stations located at VIA Rail stations in Sainte-Foy, Quebec and Windsor, Ontario are already in service. Charging stations in Dorval, Quebec and in Kingston, Belleville, Coburg and Fallowfield, Ontario will also be installed in the coming months.

Electric vehicle charging will be billed at a fixed rate per session regardless of how long a vehicle is connected. Train commuters will be able to plug in before their departure and pick up a fully charged vehicle when they return.

“The key to supporting electric vehicle adoption is ensuring that drivers can rely on efficient and reliable charging infrastructure everywhere they go. By being able to charge in train stations, electric vehicle drivers can combine two smart and sustainable mobility options ― electric vehicle and train ― and travel throughout Canada while minimizing their environmental footprint,” said Louis Tremblay, FLO’s President and CEO.

We are delighted with this new collaboration with such dynamic partners as FLO and VIA Rail. Our efficient charging services will appeal to any EV drivers who take the train for some of their commutes,” added Renaud Cloutier, Head of Business Development at Electric Circuit.

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