FLO takes part in the electric shift at Cascades

FLO is pleased to have been selected by the Quebec company Cascades for the deployment of a major project to install electric vehicle charging stations for its employees. 

Cascades has equipped its Kingsey Falls facilities, in the Centre-du-Québec region, with a large fleet of charging stations, including:

  • 21 Level 2 charging stations reserved for Cascades employees
  • 1 Level 2 charging station for public use
  • 1 fast charging station for public use

Powering up using public stations (Level 2 and fast) will be offered free of charge by Cascades, making it the only free fast charging station available across the FLO network in Quebec.

This project is part of FLO’s “At work” initiative. Connected to the network, the stations installed at Cascades will be monitored in real time by our national operations centre to ensure service reliability and quality. If in need of assistance, 24/7 telephone support will be available for users.

When charging up at their workplace, Cascades employees will be able to use the same membership card and FLO mobile app as they use for the FLO public network.

“Access to charging stations at work is a key element in supporting electric mobility, since, next to the home, the workplace is where EV drivers are more likely to see to their charging needs. With this large-scale investment, Cascades is showing great leadership and establishing itself as one of Quebec’s most connected employers,” says Louis Tremblay, president and chief executive officer of FLO.

“Cascades has chosen the FLO network of charging stations for its technical service and ever-expanding footprint. We can also access usage statistics and monitor demand through the Web portal,” explains Mario Plourde, president and chief executive officer of Cascades.

FLO would like to thank its partners Desdowd and Lumen for contributing to this project.

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