Introducing Charging Schedule, a practical new feature for FLO Home X5 owners

FLO is delighted to announce a new feature for owners of the FLO Home X5 residential charging station.

Charging Schedule allows users to adjust the power of their FLO Home X5 charging station based on their own schedules. All it takes is a few clicks in their FLO account.

What is the purpose of Charging Schedule?

Charging Schedule is particularly useful in areas where electricity rates vary by time of day and month of the year, such as in Ontario.

By planning your charging schedule, you can limit or completely shut down your charging station’s output current during peak periods, and charge at full power during off-peak periods. This can help you save money on your electrical bill.

Other Charging schedule applications

  • Enhanced security: set the output current to zero to prevent usage of your charging station while you’re away.
  • Load management: limit the output current of your charging station to avoid peak demand surcharges when other appliances—like a hot tub, for instance—are in use.

How to benefit from Charging Schedule

Charging Schedule will be available free of charge for all FLO Home X5 owners who have associated their charging station with their FLO account. This feature will be part of an automatic update of your charging station’s internal software, which will gradually roll out to all users within two weeks.

Here's how to set up Charging Schedule in your FLO account:

  1. Log into your FLO account.
  2. In your FLO Home charging station’s status box, click "Edit".
  3. Click the "Charging schedule" tab.
  4. Click on "Add a time slot" to start configuring your charging schedule.

For questions about Charging Schedule, contact us at

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