New Brunswick's new public charging network to be fully accessible to FLO members

Good news for New Brunswick’s electric vehicle drivers: the province is going to have its own public charging network, the eCharge Network, which will be fully accessible to FLO network members.

The network will initially include a corridor of 10 fast-charging stations located at 65‑kilometre intervals along the Trans-Canada Highway, along with Level 2 charging stations set in partner municipalities. 

Commissioning of the 10 fast-charging stations is scheduled for the end of July 2017.

The eCharge Network will be interoperable with FLO, meaning FLO members will be able to activate the network’s charging stations and pay for their charging sessions through their membership card or mobile application. What’s more, eCharge Network’s stations will be visible on the FLO mobile app or on our interactive map

The eCharge Network will offer the same convenience and service quality that FLO members are used to. A 24/7 telephone support line will be available for immediate assistance on location. 

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