Solar-powered charging stations open at Wilfrid Laurier’s Waterloo campus

FLO and Wilfrid Laurier University are delighted to announce the installation of a new generation of electric vehicle charging stations for staff members, students and visitors at the university’s Waterloo campus.

Waterloo’s new charging stations are unique; they are powered by solar panels connected to the university’s growing smart grid.

This collaboration represents one more way that FLO and Wilfrid Laurier are leading the charge in developing sustainable transportation options for Canadians.

“Laurier’s new EV charging stations further contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Tyler Plante, coordinator of outreach and programs in Laurier’s Sustainability Office. “I’ve already had conversations with staff who are now excitedly considering purchasing an EV with the knowledge that they’ll be able to charge while at work. We see these EV charging stations as one more tool in the toolbox to enable Laurier staff to reduce their collective carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our goal is to make these environmentally positive decisions as easy as possible. Our new EV stations help us do that.”

The latest addition to FLO’s growing network of charging stations features four level 2 chargers, which can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously.

Wilfrid Laurier’s station is located in the Lazaridis Hall parking lot next to Balsam Street in Waterloo. Any electric or hybrid vehicle driver who is a member of the FLO network can plug in and power up free of charge. However, drivers must display a valid campus parking permit or pay-and-display receipt while using the EV charging station. Electric vehicles must be actively charging while occupying the space.

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Photo : Wilfrid Laurier University